Keityn, Music Sessions Vol.53 composer, claims Shakira cut out verses which were too ‘aggressive’

Shakira‘s song produced by Bizarrap is about to turn a week old and is still making waves both on social networks and in the media. Its lyrics are full of not-so-subtle references to it Gerard Pique and his current partner Clara Chiabut apparently, the verses of the song were going to be even more aggressive.

This is what the composer of the Music Sessions Vo.53, Keithyn, explains. He has spoken about how the hit came about and what things they decided not to include in the end, besides the difficulties they had between the lyrics and the melody.

One of the things he said was that he came up with many ideas, but actually he was the one who wrote the lyrics Shakira and he then helped her to make everything rhyme. He talked about one phrase in particular, “women no longer cry, women bill”, and confessed that it is his own but that he thought of including it as a sign of his pride in Shakira‘s work.

Shakira only sings what she feels

He also explained that each person experiences a breakup in a different way and that Shakira deals with it in a unique way.

“Everyone grieves, overcomes their disappointments as they wish,” he said Keithyn.

“She is an artist, you don’t let her make lemonade, if she wants to free herself in that way, let her do it.

“I totally agree with her, she is releasing music, she is not doing anything she doesn’t know how to do.”

He also commented that “Shakira will always sing what she feels”. And he thinks that is a quality that lends her a lot of authenticity.

“I can send songs to Shakira and she tells me ‘I like it, it’s cool, but I haven’t lived it and it’s not something I want to show because I want to show what I feel,'” said Keithyn.

Shakira is not like other artists who are not rebounding, but they release a rebound song and make you feel it. Shakira you have to live it.

“When Shakira is in love she makes you a love song, when she is scorned, she makes you a scorned song because she wants to show how she feels.”

Shakira and Keityn composed ‘Te felicito’ and ‘Monotonia’ before she and Pique separated

One of the most interesting things to come out of the interview Keithyn gave Molusco TV was that some of the original lyrics of Shakira‘s latest song was cut for being ‘too aggressive’. However, he didn’t want to elaborate on what things were left out.

It was also noteworthy that he revealed that ‘Monotonia’ and ‘Te Felicito’ were written before the couple broke up.


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