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“Halloween Ends” looks like it’s going to be a very fun movie.

The latest installment in the “Halloween” saga will be the last time fans see Jamie Lee Curtis on the big screen as Laurie Strode battling Michael Myers.

The iconic horror series premiered nearly 44 years ago, and it will all come to an end for Curtis when “Halloween Ends” drops on October 14.

It’s already been more than four decades since fans were introduced to Michael Myers.

The legendary horror character made his debut in 1978 in “Halloween.” It was the same film that made Curtis a star.

Since the original, there have been several more with Jamie Lee Curtis, and a handful of other ones that are best left forgotten in the dustbin of history.

What we can say beyond any shadow of a doubt is that the 2018 “Halloween” and “Halloween Kills” were both exceptional.

I rarely go to the movie theaters these days. However, “Halloween Kills” was one that I made the voyage for. It was worth every penny.

Jamie Lee Curtis holds a knife in a scene from the film ‘Halloween’, 1978. (Photo by Compass International Pictures/Getty Images)

Now, Curtis will drop her third film in the franchise in the past four years. It certainly looks like fans are in for a violent and scary time.

Let us know your thoughts on how “Halloween Ends” looks, and you can catch it starting October 14.

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