‘Self Reliance’ is ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ with laughs – variation

Jake Johnson describes his new film “Self Reliance,” which he wrote and directed, as “Jacob’s Ladder” with some laughs. The film is a comedy with real stakes: Johnson stars as a man who ends up in a game where he tries to win a million dollars while hunters try to kill him. The twist is that he discovers that the hunters can only attack him when he is alone. But when none of his friends or family believe the game is real, Johnson’s character must figure out how to survive on his own.

There are scary moments, but more often it’s also really fun. And the audience that showed it Saturday night at the South by Southwest festival in Austin rocked the Paramount Theater with big laughs throughout the film’s taut 85 minutes.

“I love ‘Jacob’s Ladder.’ I love it so much. I get some laughs,” Johnson said after the screening. “And I thought, what if you fill it with really funny people and you’re actually personable, but it’s scary , and you’re not sure what’s going on, and you’re in for a ride.”

Johnson said the original idea was inspired by Japanese reality shows from the late 90s and early 2000s, including one where contestants were forced to stay in a room and live off coupons.

“I thought, who would be someone who plays? The idea went away, and then the pandemic came,” he said. “And when the pandemic hit, I felt that truth became subjective. I missed everyone. I thought I’d try it right now and if the world comes back I’ll try to make it.”

The entire film was shot in just 19 days – a statistic that elicited gasps from the audience.

“The whole vibe was, let’s just really go for it,” Johnson said. “Because we were just coming out of the pandemic. So the actors, everyone’s mood was so good. Everyone in post worked so hard. In indie movies, there’s no money, there’s no time. Everyone was tired. But everyone’s attitude was like that in it . It just felt like such a great team and it was a joy to do.”

The film features off-the-wall moments from the likes of Christopher Lloyd, Andy Samberg and Wayne Brady — as well as an Ellen DeGeneres celebrity impersonator. When asked if he reached out to DeGeneres, Johnson realized he hadn’t.

“God, I never gave it a thought until here,” he joked.

The cast also includes Anna Kendrick, Emily Hampshire, Natalie Morales, Mary Holland, Biff Wiff, Boban Marjanovic, Gata, John Hans Tester, Bjorn Johnson and Makini Manu.

Kendrick was also on hand for the screening. “I’ve known Jake for 10 years now,” she said. “I really trust him and I knew the tone was going to be crazy and really hard to balance.” She said she told Johnson, “I think I wrote you the day before shooting started that if I show up and I’m in the wrong movie, like drag me kicking and screaming into the right tone .”

Ali Bell, Joe Hardesty and Johnson produced the film, while exec producers are Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone. And in the age of 3-hour movies, “Self Reliance” clocks in at a tight 85 minutes.

While at SXSW, Johnson also received a directing award at Variety’s Power of Comedy event on Friday night. (Kendrick also received an award at the event.) He currently stars in “Minx,” which is returning for a second season on Starz (previously ran on HBO Max, which canceled the show in a bout of budget cleaning last year).

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