See Mark Wahlberg Save Kevin Hart From A Giant Cat In Me Time Trailer

By James Brizuela | Published

Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart are staying busy, as the men have teamed up for a brand-new buddy comedy film called Me Time. Wahlberg has been fantastic when paired with a fellow comedic actor, like in Daddy’s Home and The Other Guys. The same can be said for Hart, as his comedic expertise is used in most of the films that he is in. Well, both gentlemen seem to be in proper form, as the trailer showcases some hilarious situations, including a giant cat trying to maul Kevin Hart. You can see the trailer for Me Time below:

What’s interesting about that Me Time trailer is that Kevin Hart seems to have a much different role in this film. He plays the mild-mannered stay-at-home dad named Sonny, who keeps to himself and his family. However, his best friend Huck, played by Mark Wahlberg, is the wildcard that continues to invite him out. When Sonny’s wife, played by Regina Hall, takes the kids for Spring Break, it’s Sonny’s time to let loose. Huck seems to get him in some sticky situations, including being in the desert for a festival like Burning Man, where Sonny gets attacked by a mountain lion.

Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg look like the perfect comedy team, and the film should garner plenty of laughs. Me Time is being directed by John Hamburg, who directed I Love You, Man, Along Came Polly, and Why Him? Hamburg also wrote the script for the film. I Love You, Man is one of the best buddy comedies that starred Paul Rudd and Jason Segel. Simply put, Wahlberg and Hart are in some good hands. Joining Hart, Wahlberg, and Hall are Jimmy O. Yang, Tahj Mowry, Carlo Rota, Luis Gerardo Méndez, Melanie Minichino, Deborah S. Craig, Thomas Ochoa, Kieran Roberts, and Chau Long.

Me Time is the first comedy movie Mark Wahlberg has appeared in since 2018’s Instant Family. Wahlberg is joined by Rose Byrne, as the pair foster three children for the first time, but they find out that taking care of three random kids is not as easy as they thought. Kevin Hart, on the other hand, was just in an action comedy called The Man from Toronto. He is mistaken for a spy, who is Woody Harrelson in the film, which also debuted on Netflix. Hart is also set to reunite with Dwayne Johnson for the DC League of Super-Pets film, which is an animated comedy that releases on July 29th.

Both Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart are fantastic actors, who clearly know how to get some laughs. It is a bit odd that it has taken them both this long to appear in a comedy with each other, but we are glad it’s finally happening. We can’t wait to see Me Time when it debuts on Netflix on August 26th. The film looks hilarious and it is Hart doing what he does best, and Wahlberg proving that he can be just as good of a serious actor as he is when being funny.

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