Sam Neill from ‘Jurassic Park’ reveals cancer battle

(WFLA) – Actor Sam Neill assured his fans that he is in good health following the news of his treatment for stage three non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

On Saturday, the “Jurassic Park” actor spoke about his cancer journey and his new book, which he wrote during his treatment, and said he is doing well.

“My news seems to be all over the news at the moment and it’s kind of ‘Cancer! Cancer! Cancer!’ which is kind of tiring because as you can see I’m alive and well and I’ve been in remission for eight months which feels really good,” Neill said in an Instagram post.

The actor first revealed he had the disease in an interview with the BBC, discussing his new memoir, “Have I Ever Told You This?”

According to the BBC report, Neill noticed that he had lumps on the glands in the back of his neck while promoting “Jurassic World: Dominion in 2022.” This led him to learn that he had stage 3 non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which he described as “horrible” in the article.

Neill said on Instagram that because he couldn’t work while being treated, he decided to write his first book to give him something to do.

“I have to say there’s been a great response to it,” he said. “People seem to love it, which is great. I was very nervous, of course, as a first-time writer. Anyway, I think it’s fun. We subtitled it ‘Movies, Life, Love and Other Disasters’ so it gives you an idea of ​​all the crazy things that have happened to me. The tone of the book is one of surprise.”

With his health back, Neill said he will shoot a new movie called “Apples Never Fall” with Annette Bening next week.

“Let’s not worry too much about ‘all that,’ because I’m fine,” Neill said.

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