Ex-James Bond Pierce Brosnan Does Not Care About James Bond

Pierce Brosnan is a man of many talents. The Irish actor played a hot potential stepdad who is allergic to pepper mrs. Doubtfire. He was the James Bond of the 1990s GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough, and Die Another Day. In perhaps his most important role of all, Brosnan gave the world his gift of song as one of the potential dads in 2008’s Mamma Mia and 2018’s Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again.

Despite playing James Bond for nearly a decade, Brosnan does not give a crap about James Bond, as evidenced by a recent interview in which he threw subtle shade at No Time to Die and literally said that he doesn’t care who plays the Brit spy next. In the interview with GQ UK, the actor, who is promoting his upcoming DC film Black Adam opposite The Rock, said this when asked who he thinks should play James Bond next:

“Who should do it? I don’t care,” Brosnan said. “It’ll be interesting to see who they get, who the man shall be. Whoever he is, I wish him well.”

In the article, the author noted that Brosnan said all this in a “tone that indicates it’s maybe not actually that interesting.” Personally, I am obsessed with Brosnan’s energy and hope to learn something from it.

Brosnan also shared his take on the Craig collection with some kind words about 2012’s skyfall, but he did not have anything nice to say about last year’s No Time to Die, which marked the end of the Craig Bond saga by killing the character. “I saw the last one and I saw Skyfall. And they hunt Skyfall,” Brosnan said. “I’m not too sure about the last one. Daniel always gives of his heart. Very courageous, very strong. Butt…”

In a separate video interview he shared GQ’s YouTube channel (and featured above), Brosnan said that he liked Craig’s performance in the franchise. “I have the greatest admiration for Daniel Craig and what he did. The physicality he brought to the performance was monumental.”

(Via GQ UK)


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