Elizabeth Olsen Addresses Scarlet Witch’s MCU Return

WandaVision star Elizabeth Olsen opens up about returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe for Agatha: Chaos Coven.

Speaking to Deadline in a video posted on Twitter on March 12, Olsen was asked if she would reprise her iconic role as Wanda Maximoff, better known as the Scarlet Witch, for the upcoming Disney+ series. “I never know how to answer these questions,” Olsen replied. “Except, I don’t think… I’ll be back,” she added.

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Back in September 2022, Olsen was asked if she had been involved in any conversations regarding Agatha: Chaos Coven, which is set to see Kathryn Hahn take the stage as the titular wizard. At the time, Olsen said, “No, but I would love to show up. I love (Hahn), I’ll never leave her side… She’s really funny, I love her.”

Is the Scarlet Witch still alive?

In February, Olsen gave fans a cryptic idea of ​​what she wanted to see from Scarlet Witch in the MCU going forward. “If I were to tell you exactly what I wanted, I think I would spoil something. I don’t know if I can share. I just want to go back!” She also assured fans that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige is carefully considering the actors’ thoughts and feelings regarding their characters when mapping out where they’re headed.

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Olsen’s statements about her character’s future came just a day after the news that Agatha: Chaos Coven was reportedly delayed “due to story reasons” and had its release window moved from winter 2023 to a TBD status. Production officially began in January, which was confirmed by Emma Caulfield Ford, who returns to her WandaVision role as Dottie Jones for the spinoff series. “The crew is so good. I’m going to start doing some stuff next week. I know a little bit, but I can’t say anything,” she said. “I can’t tell you what to expect because that would reveal something. I know a little, just enough to keep me in the right zone. I think it’s all going to be really fun. I haven’t seen (Hahn ) yet I really love her. She’s just the best, effortlessly cool.”

Agatha: Chaos Coven does not have a release date at this time. WandaVision currently streaming on Disney+.

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