Drew Barrymore is OK with Hugh Grant’s ‘Barking Dogs’ comments about her singing voice – Deadline

Drew Barrymore apparently doesn’t mind that Hugh Grant compared his singing voice to barking dogs.

Interviewed in his own program about Music and lyrics Barrymore responded to co-star Hugh Grant’s criticism with a hairbrush-as-microphone performance of the film’s big song, “Way Back Into Love.”

“Oh, Hugh… bert. Hubert,” she said before singing again, “It’s for you.”

She also responded to Grant’s remarks that her singing voice was “just awful”, saying that barking dogs have made better vocalizations.

“If you know Hugh, that’s his way of loving you,” she said.

“I swear, if you know Hugh, that’s his way of loving you. I swear, okay, so it’s also funny because there’s this thing going around with him and Ashley Graham on the red carpet, and people are like, he’s such a curmudgeon and she’s so thrown.”

She continued: “No, it’s Hugh Grant. You think you’re getting this charming movie star, and what you’re really getting is grumpy Hugh, and then you fall in love with grumpy Hugh. When he says that, says I you, he’s totally hilarious, he doesn’t mean a single negative thing about it.”

Graham bumped into the “real” Hugh on the Oscars carpet, but noted that he’s a “fun, good person.”

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