Disney+ Drops ‘The Santa Clauses’ Trailer

Could Santa be a stay-at-home dad? According to Disney+’s trailer for The Santa Clauses, but … or at least not for long. In the six-part series, which is a spinoff of The Santa Clause films, Tim Allen reprises his role as Scott Calvin, aka Santa Claus. He discovers that the kids he once visited have grown into adults who don’t take so kindly to breaking and entering. But instead of updating his destination list, he decides to retire “for the good of Christmas.” That means that he can finally stay home with his adult children and his wife, Carol Calvin/Mrs. Claus (Elizabeth Mitchell). He even gets to horrify Starbucks baristas with complicated drink orders, which is truly domestic behavior. Unfortunately, he soon learns that the replacement Santa he hired is causing chaos at the North Pole. As a result, elves are disappearing, and holiday magic is in danger of disappearing forever. The Clauses — or, per the trailer, “the family that sleighs” — decide to take a trip to fix the problem together. And, yes, David Krumholtz’s Bernard the Elf will be there. Will he inspire a new round of festive sexual awakenings? Find out when The Santa Clauses releases its first two episodes on November 16.

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