Denzel Washington Is About To Sign On For The Gladiator Sequel

Picture: Christopher Polk (iStock by Getty Images)

Denzel Washington is in “final negotiations” to co-star in the Gladiator followingaccording to a new report on Deadline. Paul Mescal is already engaged for the film, and Ridley Scott comes back to realization. In addition, two veterinarians from original movie, costume designer Janty Yates and production designer Arthur Max are also in attendance. Yates’ costume design for the original film won an Oscar, and Max’s work resulted in a nomination.

Currently, Washington’s role is kept secret. Him and Scott have worked together before, when Washington starred in American mobster. Deadline states that “after reading the script, sources close to the project said he was excited about the bad-ass role Scott wrote with him in mind”.

Russell CroweMaximus will not return. He commonly died at the end of the 2000 film, and while the film both won Crowe an Oscar and launched it into Hollywood fame, the sequel will not feature her return. Likewise, Mescal won’t be playing Maximus and will instead play Lucius, the young boy whom Maximus saved after killing Commodus in the gladiatorial ring at the end of the film.

Washington’s role is kept secret.

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