Cops check on former WWE Champion after suicidal comments

The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office in Florida recently checked in with WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash following his recent concerning comments, as told to TMZ Sports.

Kevin Nash hasn’t been in a good place ever since his son Tristen passed away in October last year. He has had an incredibly tough time realizing that Tristen is never coming back to him. Nash recently made disturbing comments on his Kliq THIS podcast and hinted that he was suicidal.

Nash’s close friend David Herro posted an update soon after, telling fans that the WWE veteran is doing well and has no intention of harming himself. Now, TMZ Sports is stating that the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office in Florida reached out to the former WWE Champion in response to his concerning comments. Nash told VCSO that he wasn’t going to take any drastic steps.

“We’re told Kevin explained to the VCSO that he has no intention to act on what he said … and he was seemingly doing okay when they checked on him in person.” [H/T TMZ Sports]

The WWE legend seems to have a strong support system

Kevin Nash’s disturbing comments weren’t taken well by his co-host Sean Oliver, who told Nash not to say things like that, especially when he has access to guns. Nash explained to Oliver how his son’s death affected his mental health:

“Every morning when I wake up, the first thing that happens is, I come to the realization that instead of there being three human beings in my home, there’s now two. And the third person isn’t on vacation or staying with friends, or is out late. He is never coming back. And then I sit up in the bed and I have absolutely nothing I have to do, and it’s like, ‘so, why am I getting out of bed?'”

I will never be able to comprehend the amount of pain @RealKevinNash has been in. Not only his son, but his best friend. I’d only like to say that please, don’t go out this way. There are millions of people who love you and my childhood was one of the greatest because of YOU>>

Here’s hoping Nash gets all the help he needs in this tough time. The Hall of Famer is one of the most respected individuals in the world of pro wrestling and fans have been worried for him these past few days.

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