Brad Pitt Makes Sculpture Debut in Finland With Nick Cave

Photo: Christopher Jue/Getty Images

Whether it’s making wine with his partner or fighting over that same wine business with that same partner, Brad Pitt loves a good hobby. The star’s latest? Sculpture. Pitt made his debut at Finland’s Sara Hilden Art Museum, showing nine pieces in an exhibition that opened on September 18. The exhibition was prompted by the British sculptor Thomas Houseago, who tapped both Pitt and Nick Cave (the musician, not the sculptor of the same name) to show their art for the first time. Pitt has actually been sculpting for the last five years, though, starting around the time of his divorce from Angelina Jolie. And yes, that comes through in the work. “It’s about, you know, where have I gotten it wrong in my relationships?” Pitt reportedly told Finnish public broadcaster Yle. “Where have I misstepped? Where am I complicit?” Per the Associated Press, that comes through in pieces including a bullet-riddled house. Subtle!

Photo: Jussi Koivunen/Sara Hildén Art Museum

So far, Pitt seems dedicated to his craft, according to a source People, “He recently spent many days and even nights working on a sculpture.” And his debut has been well received — The Guardian called him “one of the very best” celebrities turned artists. Next up, how about a joint exhibition with Jim Carrey?

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