Three new Marvel books hit stores this month

Three new books from Marvel will be in stores this month, i.a Sorcerer Supreme in Folio Society’s Doctor Strange, Silver Sable: Payback and Marvel value stamps. Marvel shared some details about all three books.

Sorcerer Supreme in Folio Society’s Doctor Strange

  • Take a trip to the edge of comic consciousness with Doctor Strange.
  • Marvel’s Master of the Mystic Arts celebrates his 60th anniversary with this kaleidoscopic collection from Folio.
  • Former Marvel Editor-in-Chief Roy Thomas selects and introduces 14 of the Sorcerer Supreme’s most dazzling exploits, created by comics legends including Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, Brian K. Vaughan and Jason Aaron.
  • Each story in this genuine oldest edition has been scanned directly from original comics.
  • It also includes an astonishingly accurate copy of “Strange Tales #115,” the 1963 Marvel anthology in which the Doctor reveals his startling origin story.
  • Multi-award winning Doctor Strange artist Marcos Martín provides original cover art for this edition, as well as designing hypnotic blue and purple endpapers and a sulphurous yellow slipcase bearing the esoteric superhero’s iconic Seal of the Vishanti.
  • Following previous volumes in Folio’s Marvel Heroes series – Captain America, Spider-Man, Hulk and Thor – Doctor Strange will inspire you to some of the most bizarre corners of the Marvel Multiverse.
  • Sorcerer Supreme in Folio Society’s Doctor Strange is available now.

Silver Saber: Payback

  • New from Aconite Books’ Marvel Heroines series, superhero mercenary Silver Sable takes on Doctor Doom in a high-stakes heist where success or failure will change the fate of a nation.
  • Doctor Victor Von Doom holds Symkaria in his despotic grip, selling its treasures to pay the country’s exorbitant debts. Still, the patriotic hero Silver Sable wants his freedom. Doom doesn’t do favors, so he offers her a deal: track down the Clairvoyant—a device to see the future—and he’ll erase her homeland’s deficit. Sable soon discovers that she cannot outwit anyone who can predict her movements.
  • She needs help from a wild and unpredictable. Someone like Black Cat… Together they must hunt down the Clairvoyant’s creator, pull off the ultimate Vegas heist, survive backbiting exes, and outwit one of the most powerful people on the planet. All they need now is a little bit of luck.
  • Silver Saber: Payback will be available March 21. You can pre-order your copy now.

Marvel value stamps

  • From Abrams Books: The story of the most inspired advertising campaign in comics, collected here for the first time.
  • In 1974, Marvel Comics publisher Stan Lee devised a brilliant advertising campaign – Marvel Value Stamps, which appeared on the letters pages of their monthly comics. Readers could cut out all 100 of these Super Hero and Super Villain stamps and place them in a special mail order booklet.
  • Once completed, these stamp books can be redeemed for special discounts and exclusive items. The program was so successful that a second set was released in 1975.
  • And now, for the first time, these original stamp books, stamps, and all the surrounding ephemera and source material are brought together in one must-have volume for collectors and fans, along with text by Marvel Comics historian Roy Thomas and an all-new cover by Alex Ross.
  • Marvel value stamps will be available March 28. You can pre-order your copy now.

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