Stop the creeping and just give us the books already

Wow! Some fans of Game of Thrones are starting to get a little tired of what they call George RR Martin’s “crumb” over the shoes finale.

After the author’s negative comments about the dragons in GoT, one user chimed in Save your to say, “Can he just write the books?” He went on to say that House of the Dragon is “not a good enough show for him to extend (publish the last two novels) any more”.

Another wrote“It’s just creepy now. It’s like he didn’t like a lot of GOT… because of the reaction to the last season, and was trying desperately to stay liked,” adding, “Just write your books George. That’s all , what people want from you.”

In 2022, Martin wrote in his blog, Not A Blog, that the next novel in the series, Winds of Winter, will be a “big book”, but did not really give any indication of when it will be finished.

But with nearly 12 years since the release of A Dance With Dragons, it’s clear to see why some fans are frustrated by the lack of progress.

Of course, there will be fans who have only started reading the books since being introduced to Martin’s work via the HBO series.

And the books that have already been released are quite long themselves, totaling 344 chapters and over 200 hours of your life if you feel like giving them a chance.

But it’s really about time there was a specific release date for the next book in the series. It might also be advisable for Martin not to talk about the parts of GoT that he didn’t like.

It’s all been said, and while many fans agree with him, he runs the risk of becoming a creepy old man ranting about how things were better in his day.

Fortunately, House of the Dragon was well received – and there are other spin-off shows that explore different aspects of life in Westeros.

But a season of HotD that doesn’t live up to expectations, or a spin-off that doesn’t land, could have people talking about the negatives of season 8 of GoT, rather than the huge success of the first seven seasons.

Throw in a few disparaging comments from the man behind it all and we could see the entire franchise tarnished.

So in the nicest way – and with all due respect to the creative minds behind it, maybe it’s time for Martin to stop the “curl” and just give us the books already.

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