September 22, 2022 ‹ Literary Hub

  • What Andrew Sean Greer is reading now and nextfrom Apeirogon to Booth. | Lite Hub

  • Check out the shortlist for the 2022 Cundill History Prizeand the longlist for the 2022 Baillie Gifford Prize for Nonfiction. | The Hub

  • Manil Suri reflects on his pursuit answer life’s Big Questions—using only math. | Lite Hub

  • Why is it so difficult to write about (and inhabit) male friendship? Michael Pederson has some thoughts. | Lite Hub

  • Robin Wall Kimmerer on the “deep-seated fiction of human exceptionalism” that’s killing our planet. | Lite Hub Climate Change

  • Against using metaphors to talk about gentrification. | Lite Hub

  • Yiyun Li on complicated friendships real and imagined. | Lite Hub radio

  • Good Ramzi Fawaz Thelma & Louise“queer forms,” and the radical possibilities of the queer community. | Lite Hub Politics

  • How Clarence Darrow threw his morals to the wind to defend wealthy (and confessed) murderers Leopold and Loeb. | Lite Hub History

  • “Fame has been kind to Ian McEwan, but not to his writing.” It’s the five book reviews you need to read this week. | Book Marks

    Rhian Sasseen considers Henry James’s 1898 novella In the Cage, which follows an unnamed telegram operator in London, from her perspective as a former social media manager. | The Baffler

  • Ten years after the release of the cult-classic film, Stephen Chbosky discusses adapting his novel The Perks of Being a Wallflower. | Vanity Fair

  • “It’s more my journal than my journal.” Sandra Cisneros talks to Yxta Maya Murray about her new poetry collection. | The New Yorker

  • Jeff VanderMeer talks about the lessons he’s learned from rewilding his own yard. | Audubon Magazine

  • “Libraries have worked hard to meet their communities where they are.” How the role of libraries has shifted in recent years. | The Conversation

  • “Bans increase sales only when they are accompanied by a media blitz.” Connor Goodwin digs into what happens to most banned books. | The Atlantic

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