Rogues, rowdiness, reading: Upcoming book fair at Standard

The Books and Bootleggers Prohibition Book fair will take place on the evening of Saturday, July 9, 2022
Courtesy of Off the Beaten Path Bookstore and Café

Sometimes, reading can be more rebellious than you’d think.

Cowboys and scoundrels alike will be able to browse books which encompass themes of Western outlaws and general ruggedness at the third installment of the Off the Beaten Path book fair from 6- 9 pm Saturday, July 9, at Standard Western Art and Drink.

The bookshop and gallery are working together to put on “Books and Bootleggers: Prohibition Book Fair.”

Vagabonds and wanderers will be able to browse curated titles and enjoy a speakeasy-themed cocktail party.

“We’re so happy that our community is supporting and embracing this event and have been begging for the third iteration: Books and Bootleggers,” said Hallie Priday, marketing and events manager for Off the Beaten Path.

While the books themselves, historically, have not been banned, they all touch on topics of good ol ‘Western mischief, from novels to historic nonfiction.

Titles include “Yampa Valley Sin Circuit: Historic Red Light Districts of Routt and Moffat Counties,” “West with the Night” and “Outlawed.”

“These books are not in themselves banned books, but they are about the outlaw west, and cover people and time periods where people were particularly rebellious, which is the basic theme for the night,” said Priday.

Costumes and era-appropriate attire are encouraged, from flapper-style slips to a full cowboy get-up.

“Mischief is encouraged, as is dressing up,” reads to the event’s description at

“We encourage people to dress up for these events as well,” Priday said. “We expect cowboys, outlaws or just generally fun and fancy dress.”

In addition to perusing the book selection, attendees will be able to sip on specialty cocktails, which can be complemented by some of the book offerings such as “Girly Drinks: A World History of Women and Alcohol,” “Whiskey When We’re Dry ”And“ On Booze. ”

“Standard Western Art and Drink has installed a new bar, and we are very excited about how much the space has changed,” Priday added.

Book fair attendees will also have the chance to enter a raffle to win a “tantalizing bounty” from the bookshop and Standard.

The fair seeks to create a fun-filled night, encouraging mischief, historical learning and fun.

Priday added that reading these stories and encouraging independence and rebellion is crucial today, with modern efforts of censorship.

“Because of recent efforts to ban books, we think it’s even more important to read books that authority figures tell you not to,” said Priday. “We think our book choices will inspire you to rebel against ‘the man.'”

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