Prince Harry postpones his book to write about the Queen’s funeral

Prince Harry has once again postponed the publication of his memoir to write about the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. Previously, the Duke of Sussex had paused the premiere of his project for various reasons.

According to the last change of plans, the work would be published this coming November. However, its publication could be months later Prince Harry plans to add new chapters in which he will recount the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

In a Telegraph article on Thursday, Her Majesty’s passing has caused “turmoil” in the book’s distribution plans, delaying its release until 2023 as the Sussexes observe the period of grief.

In addition, this may give Prince Harry the opportunity to add new chapters regarding the passing of his grandmother while making sure the information is current.

Prince Harry will include Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral in his memoir

Despite the fact that King Charles III has begged his son not to publish his memoir, which was a $20 million deal with the publisher, Prince Harry has every intention of going ahead with his project and even adding more information.

Prince Harry is receiving a hefty payment for the book (reportedly $29.5 million), which will go to his Sentebale organization.

Penguin Random House will undoubtedly want to do all in their power to sell the product in order to recover some of that stonking advance.

It would also be a little strange if Harry’s book somehow managed to totally ignore the largest royal event in a century. However, there are several types of writing about funerals.

Would a revised version of the story only show Harry grieving over the loss of his former “Commander-in-chief” and seeing him eloquently pay tribute to her memory? Or, could the Duke be persuaded to reveal everything about the most significant and sentimental event in the last 70 years of the House of Windsor?


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