George RR Martin’s favorite book series is getting a TV show

A TV adaptation of Roger Zelazny’s The Chronicles Of Amber is in development.

The series is being developed by Stephen Colbert’s production company Spartina, which has partnered with Skybound Entertainment and Vincent Newman Entertainment for the project.

Game Of Thrones author George RR Martin has previously called for a screen adaptation of the fantasy series in numerous interviews. In a blog post in October last year, Martin wrote: “Most of all, I want Roger Zelazny’s Nine Princes In Amber. I will never understand why Corwin and his siblings are not starring in their own show.

“And hey, if epic fantasy continues to do well, maybe we will finally get that. A boy can dream.”

Stephen Colbert. CREDIT: Getty Images

Colbert referred to Martin’s enthusiasm in his statement announcing the project. “George RR Martin and I have similar dreams,” he said (via The Hollywood Reporter). “I’ve carried the story of Corwin in my head for over 40 years, and I’m thrilled to partner with Skybound and Vincent Newman to bring these worlds to life. All roads lead to Amber, and I’m happy to be walking them.”

The Chronicles Of Amber consists of ten novels, published between 1970 and 1991. These are split between two story arcs, named The Corwin Cycle and The Merlin Cycle.

The first book is Nine Princes In Amber and follows Corwin “who awakens on Earth with no memory, but soon finds he is a prince of a royal family that has the ability to travel through different dimensions of reality and rules over the one true world, Amber”.

Martin has recently given progress updates on his next book in the A Song Of Ice And Fire series, The Winds Of Winter. In December, the author said he had “another 400, 500 pages” to write before it was completed.

He’s also working as an executive producer on the second season of House Of The Dragonwhich was renewed by HBO in August last year.

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