Book from Master P, Malaki Roberts becomes cartoon

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) – The entertainment mogul, Master P announced that Adventures with Malakai: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work is now an animated cartoon.

“This book is a fun story about Malakai and his friends overcoming adversity through friendship, encouragement, and perseverance,” said Master P. “God made us all different. No matter our limitations, nobody is perfect. We are not all supposed to be good at the same things. But when we put all of our strengths together, that makes us a great team.”

Malakai Roberts is a seven-year-old who was blinded at the age of five by stray bullets that tore through his families home

The seven-year-old hasn’t let that slow him down, however.

Roberts continues to inspire and recently published a children’s book with Master P that has turned into an animated cartoon.

Adventures with Malakai covers teamwork and overcoming adversity, written by Percy Miller and Malakai Roberts and animated by Ola Betiku.

“The animated video piece is a fantastic upbeat brain teaser to grab the attention of children and their parents who see the joy and benefit of how reading is healthy and helps develop a child,” said Christopher 2X. “Moreover, I spoke to Malakai’s mother, Cacy Roberts, and the family is so excited for Malakai to become that inspiration for reading even though he is blind.”

Video to the animation can be seen here.

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