Best Book And Reading Reading Accessories, According To Jenna Bush Hager

Are you trying to read more in 2023? Jenna Bush Hager, TODAY anchor and book club maven, invites you to “streak” with her this year – no, not that kind of streaking. Streaking With Jenna is an initiative to keep up a daily reading streak. Keep track of the days in your streak: The number makes you eligible for giveaways, shout-outs and more.

Download a printable streak tracker here.

The following reading accessories, hand-selected by Jenna, will help you streak with Jenna … and streak like here Speaking to, Jenna explained how she manages to fit reading into her busy day. It begins, for Jenna, by putting away distractions (see: her phone) and getting comfortable. These accessories will help you stay lost in a book.

A Nice Night Faux Fur Reading Pillow

Jenna calls this the perfect pillow for reading in bed. She loves it in ivory, but there are 16 color options from yellow to purple … and some neutrals in between. If you’re looking to read with young ones, they can get one of their own.

Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light

Jenna swears by this reading lamp, which she uses to stay awake late into the night. Easily adjustable, the light has three brightness levels and can be altered to shine onto your book. The battery lasts for up to 80 hours, meaning you probably won’t have to recharge it all too often.

PickledStamps Personalized Book Embosser

Editor’s note: A previous version of this story included an incorrect listing for the book embosser. It has since been updated with the correct listing for purchase, with a discount code.

Looking to upgrade your personal library? This book embosser or stamp set elevates any of the books on your shelf: Now, they’re part of a collection (your own!). You have options: Stamps have ink, whereas embossers are imprinted on paper. Don’t forget to use it 10 percent off for TODAYSHOW.

Luckstylish Hand Embroidered Corner Bookmark

Cozy and practical, this hand embroidered bookmark hooks onto the side of a book.

All-New Kindle (2022 Release)

The 2022 release of the Kindle is another light, compact ereader from Amazon. Speaking to, Jenna said part of the way she gets her reading done is to simply never leave the house without a book. With a Kindle, that task becomes a whole lot easier

Lithographs The Great Gatsby Blanket

Read with your blanket … or simply read your blanket. Litographs is a brand that uses the entire text of a classic book to create art. That’s right: The entirety of a classic is imprinted on these throw blankets, which all come in multiple colors. There are over 35 books to choose from. use code BOOKSHOP20 for 20 percent off.

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