10 Best Crime Books Of 2022 That Deserve Netflix Movie Adaptations

Due to the desire of bookworms to see their visions come to life, the crime movie adaptation is even more popular than the crime movies themselves. Despite the lack of major works in the crime adaptation genre in 2022, it is a successful year for book readers thanks to the abundance of suspenseful and wonderfully written crime books.

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Many of the crime books that were published in 2022 have the potential to be adapted for the screen since they not only have cinematic viewpoints but also have the elements that would make a successful picture. This year’s collection of crime books offers filmmakers a wide variety to choose from, including everything from a stand-alone novel by a debut author to the third installment in a well-known book series.


‘Anywhere You Run’ – Wanda M. Morris

Anywhere You Runwritten by acclaimed author, Wanda M. Morris, takes place in the summer of 1964 after a white man was killed in Jim Crow Mississippi, and centers on two Black sisters on the run to different parts of the country. One from the law while the other from social embarrassment.

The book would make a fantastic Netflix crime drama because it discusses issues beyond murder, including classism, racism, and unfairness against genders. Additionally, as the narrative alternates between Violet and Marigold’s points of view, the television adaptation of this novel can easily captivate viewers with its dual views, which will heighten the drama and provide them with enough information to follow.

‘Sinister Graves’ – Marcie R. Rendon


Sinister Graves is in the third installment Cash Blackbear Mysteries series written by Marcie R. Rendon that follows the titular character, Cash Blackbear, a 19-year-old Ojibwe woman. Readers follow Cash in her third adventure as she seeks to learn the truth regarding the disappearances of Native girls and their newborns.

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The movie adaptation of this novel can be enjoyed without reference to the previous books of the series. Furthermore, because the film will deal with sensitive topics, it should be handled by skilled and delicate filmmakers who have prior experience in this genre. The setting of the film, which takes place in 1970s Minnesota on the White Earth Reservation, can contribute to the building of tension.

‘The Paris Apartment’ – Lucy Foley


In a 2022 new locked room mystery, The Paris Apartmentby the New York Times bestselling author, Lucy Foley, the story follows Jess, a British girl in search of a fresh start, who travels to Paris to reside with her half-brother Ben. However, when she arrives, Ben is nowhere to be found, and a series of strange things start to happen.

Since the book is set in a posh Paris apartment, which could be considered a fascinating supporting movie character, a film version of this book will likely capture readers’ interest right away. Additionally, the plot is another slow-burn thriller by Foley, with a twist that requires viewers to pay close attention. A film adaptation can afford to do this by dotting the screen with little details.

‘The Tilt’ – Chris Hammer


In the second novel Chris Hammer‘s Ivan Lucic & Nell Buchanan series, The Tilt, features the return of newly hired homicide investigator Nell Buchanan, who is displeased to be given a case involving a crime that occurred decades earlier. But given that the discovery of additional bodies sets off a series of unfolding contemporary events, this is no ordinary cold case.

To completely portray the plot and heighten the tension of this crime genre, the movie or television series adaptation of this novel can make use of two timelines. One that starts in the present and follows homicide detective Nell Buchanan as she looks into the assigned cold case. While the other will follow characters from the past as the secret gradually comes to light at the point where the two timelines meet. If handled properly, the sophisticated novel The Tilt may make a great crime adaptation.

‘In the Mouth of the Wolf: A Murder, a Cover-Up, and the True Cost of Silencing the Press’ – Katherine Corcoran


In the Mouth of the Wolf: A Murder, a Cover-Up, and the True Cost of Silencing the Press is the second published book by Katherine Corcoran. The book follows the tense investigation into the assassination of a renowned female journalist named Regina Martinez on the verge of uncovering Mexican government corruption by former AP Mexico Bureau Chief aka the author.

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The cinematic version of this novel might either be a docufiction or a straight-up crime miniseries since the book is believed to have enough dramatic elements and the series format will be efficient to adequately tell the entire story. In addition, there are a lot of intriguing characters in the novel who would make fantastic TV characters that viewers couldn’t help but root for.

‘The Last Girl To Die’ – Helen Sarah Fields


Helen Sarah FieldsThe Last Girl to Die follows a private detective Sadie Levesque who is employed by distraught parents whose daughter goes missing after the family relocates to the historic, ocean-devastated Isle of Mull, in pursuit of a fresh life. Sadie realizes she’s dealing with something sinister when she discovers the girl’s body in a cave on a cliff, a seaweed crown meticulously placed on her head.

It would be worthwhile to adapt the theme of community strife for newcomers to the big screen, especially those with missing children. In addition, a powerful and intelligent female character like detective Sadie Levesque would captivate fans of the crime genre in addition to the plot’s thrills.

‘Secret Lives’ – Mark de Castrique


Mark de Castrique‘s latest crime novel, Secret Lives follows Ether, a 75-year-old manager of a boarding home for government employees, who jumps into action when one of her boarders is murdered, much to the surprise of her distant cousin Jesse, who has recently moved in to be with her while he attends college.

Who wouldn’t want to see a sassy old lady battle bad guys and decipher codes in an adaptation of this book? De Castrique’s serious narration with a dash of humor would be perfect to adapt into a mystery comedy-drama that will undoubtedly capture viewers. Additionally, the book bridges the gap between the characters’ generations, which is a lovely touch that fans of all ages may appreciate.

‘The Girls Who Disappeared’ – Claire Douglas


Clair DouglasThe Girls Who Disappeared is centered on journalist Jenna Halliday, who is following a 20-year-old cold missing case in a remote Wilshire town when four girls drove home, but only one was found after the car crashed. Soon after, Jenna starts getting threatening notes, and it’s obvious that someone wants her to leave this town before she meets the same terrible end.

The themes of missing people and cold cases are perennially attractive choices for the crime genre that enthrall fans. The movie adaptation can and should be narrated from three points of view, one in the past, one in the present and one flashback from the crash like it did in the book, to enable viewers to fill in the blanks and heighten the suspense. Moreover, the filmmakers should use the chance to create a captivating and suspenseful crime movie given the cinematic approach to narrating the story.

‘The Night Watch’ – Neil Lancaster


The Night Watch is in the third installment Neil Lancaster‘s DS Max Craigie series that follows the series’ titular character. The latest novel opens with a lawyer discovered dead at dawn on a deserted clifftop at Dunnet Head, Scotland’s most northerly point. Max Craigie soon realizes that they are dealing with a vigilante serial killer given that the case is connected to a number of unexplained killings, including the murder of the lawyer’s previous client, Scotland’s most notorious felon who has just been set free.

Particularly with a conflicted lead character like DS Max Craigie, a vigilante serial killer hunt can provide the adaptation genre with a breath of fresh air. This book and possibly the entire series can be turned into a TV show that will examine a different book in the series each season with fresh perspectives, fresh cases, fresh characters, and fresh obstacles for both the audience and Max Craigie.

‘My Other Husband’ – Dorothy Koomson


Dorothy Koomson‘s latest novel, My Other Husband, follows famed author-turned-scriptwriter Cleo Forsum, whose TV show, The Baking Detective becomes a hit before someone tries to frame her for murder. However, she is unable to inform the police or even utilize her unflappable alibi, since doing so would require her to admit to having another husband.

A woman has so much to lose with a buried haunting past and a thrivingly triumphant present life, which may be a common movie plotline, but the book’s execution would offer its movie adaptation a stronger approach. Moreover, the novel has a lot of intriguing characters that would be dominant on film once they appeared.

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