Bigg Boss 16: Shocking announcement

The most controversial and popular reality show in India, Bigg Boss is back with its 16th season. Ever since this season has been announced, the tagline of the show ‘Bigg Boss khelenge’ has left the audience wondering as to what exactly will happen in the show.

Well, the grand premiere of the show which took place on Colors Tv tonight was indeed a star-struck affair. Popular faces from the world of entertainment dazzled the stage of Bigg Boss’s premiere night. Tonight, all the contestants have entered the Bigg Boss 16 house and are all set to entertain the audience from Sunday. However, the contestants of Bigg Boss 16 are in for their first shocking twist, by none other than Bigg Boss himself. The first episode of Bigg Boss 16 will witness all the contestants of the show grooving to ‘Get on the dance floor’ from Chennai Express.

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However, post their morning dance all the contestants will be asked to assemble in the garden area where Bigg Boss’s announcement will leave all of them shocked. Bigg Boss will be seen announcing that the song all the contestants grooved to will be the last wakeup song of this season and that from here on, there will be no wakeup song in this season of the show. This announcement by Bigg Boss was followed by a very shocking reaction from the contestants of the show. Further, Bigg Boss also announced that every morning the contestants will now wake up to and will recite the ‘Bigg Boss anthem’ which will depict the glory of Bigg Boss. While all the contestants were seen quite disheartened upon hearing this announcement, they somehow managed to come to terms with the new rules: No rules this season.

As disheartening as this was to the contestants of Bigg Boss 16, the makers of the show have managed to stick on to their claims of ‘No rules’ in this season of the show.

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