Yinka Ilori and Camille Walala design immersive artworks made with light

Until Sunday, November 6, audiences can view the latest work from Camille Walala and Yinka Ilori at Liverpool’s River of Light – an immersive exhibition that runs across the waterfront as the World Gymnastics Championships 2022 open in the city. As a nod to the championships, the creative theme for River of Light is “Unexpected Twist”.

Yinka’s contribution to the exhibition, titled Dancing Ribbons, is inspired by rhythmic gymnastics. In particular, the work captures the dynamic relationship between a gymnast and their prop ribbon. It includes a soundscape created by Peter Adjaye. Meanwhile, in an evolution of the artist’s Putting Things in Perspective series, Camille Walala utilizes programmed LEDs to create an “explosively energetic light sculpture”, a release explains. Although constructed in 2D, Camille’s artwork has been designed to evoke architectural forms or an “abstracted cityscape of light”. The release likens it to a trompe l’oeil creating an illusion of dimensionality through shapes – like cuboids that “tower like skyscrapers”.

Participatory and community-centered artworks have always been a driving force behind Yinka’s work. As part of our guest edit series with the designer last year, Priya Khanchandani penned a piece examining the importance of creativity being integrated into our communities and schools. Or, as Yinka puts it in his introduction to the piece, “how necessary creative practices are as part of our national soul”. In January, the designer spoke again about the issue of participation in Time Out: “Design should be for everyone,” he said then. “People who can’t access galleries should be able to experience an installation or mural in a public space that might make them feel a certain way.”

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