This Video Of A Digital Painting With Infinite Zoom Has The Internet Puzzled

The digital art continues to shed layers revealing a host of elements hidden deep inside.

The digital era has definitely transformed everything and paintings have not remained immune to this change either. A video of digital art has been shared online which appears to have an infinite zoom with intricate details of the subjects.

In the clip, shared on Twitter, a person zooms into the digital painting, and keeps enlarging the image, which surprisingly does not pixelate and retains the quality. The digital art was made by a Twitter user named Vaskange.

If you think that this was it, then there is more on offer. The person further magnifies the photo to such an extent that the elements inside it become prominently visible. When zoomed further, a window becomes visible from which, a train is seen passing by.

The jaw-dropping digital art continues to shed layers revealing a host of elements hidden deep inside it.

The video has left Twitter users in disbelief. Many could not figure out how a digital picture could be stretched so much without pixelating.

This user was baffled by the demonstration and appeared curious to know the trick.

Some found it to be incredible but puzzling too.

One wondered the number of pixels the picture contained.

Another chimed in and offered some much-needed explanation behind the captivating art.

A person treated viewers to some more mesmerizing infinite digital art having the same artist behind it.

What do you have to say about the artwork?

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