The Rocketeer returns in a new special by Hughes, Lee, Rodríguez, and Noto

in 2022 IDW celebrated the 40th anniversary of Dave Stevens’ The Rocketeer in the limited series The Great Race. It looks like the Rocketeer won the race because he’ll return in a May anthology one-hots featuring an all-star line-up of comic book creators including Adam Hughes, Jae Lee, Gabriel Rodríguez, and Phil Noto.

The one-shot special includes three stories, and the project began during the production of a documentary about Stevens titled Drawn to Perfection. Its filmmaker Kelvin Mao discovered that screenwriters Danny Bilson and the late Paul De Meo, who wrote the 1991 The Rocketeer film adaptation, had years before also written an unpublished Rocketeer comic book story guest-starring Amelia Earhart.

The Rocketeer #1 cover art (Image credit: IDW Publishing)

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Mao and the documentary’s executive producer Robert Windom asked Adam Hughes to illustrate the story, and that project eventually evolved into the one-shot edited by Scott Dunbier.

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