Rare painting by Cypriot artist sold for €100,000 during auction

Quartier Reservean extremely rare painting by Pol Georghiou sold for €100,000 during Cypria’s auction – more than double its previous €42,000 benchmark and setting a new auction record for the artist΄s market.

Created in 1953, the painting depicts a scene from ordinary life within the walled old city of Famagusta. A Turkish flag hovering in the center of the painting became a major point of attraction because its depiction was a rarity among the artist’s surviving paintings. The vivaciousness of the colors reflected the painting’s remarkable condition.

Ritsa Kyriacou, Cypria’s Managing Director, remarked: “The sale of this exceptionally rare and important painting was a key moment in the artist’s market. Pol Georghiou needs little introduction as one of the significant artists who captured the soul of the early to mid-20th century Cyprus, and this record sale of Quartier Reserve reflects how relevant the painting remains 75 years later.”

Other evening highlights included Abstract Composition V by Christoforos Savva, whose more mature work is noted for an interplay between folk motifs and abstract art principles. Abstract Composition V sold close to € 19,000.

Abstract Composition V by Christoforos Savva

Champ D’Avoine (Manner of Monet), noted for its importance as a historical work of the “Monet School” and the (unknown) artist’s remarkable mastery and deep knowledge of Monet’s paintings, sold for € 12,000. The painting was part of the art collection of Princess Zena Gunther de Tyras.

28.0 Claude Monet Corrected
Champ D’Avoine (Manner of Monet), unknown artist

Seventy lots were sold during the Evening Sale. Highlights included Caique and masts (sold for € 10,661) oath Caique and flowers, 1969 (sold for € 5,267) by Spyros Vassiliou, Female with Mirror (sold for € 6,271) by Dimitris Mytaras, Venetian walls of the old city of Famagusta (sold for € 7,525) by Solomos Frangoulides, oath Donkey Riding, 1962 (sold for € 5,268) by Xanthos Hadjisoteriou.

Two beautiful sculptures by Pambos Michlis and a small collection of selected ceramic pieces by Nina Iacovou were sold during the evening. Iacovou is known for her mastery in the application of the ancient Cyprus terracotta technique known as “koukoumares”.

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