Have You Seen This? Amazing sand art of Peyton and Eli Manning

Artist uses sand to depict portraits of former NFL quarterbacks Peyton and Eli Manning. (Twitter, @FallingInSand)

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PLAYING IN SAND — When I was about 10 years old, my family was staying up at Snowbird Ski Resort while Oktoberfest was taking place.

Our family walked around the festivities to see all that was there, and one of the pop-up shops had a place where kids (or anyone, really) could make sand art inside a glass bottle. The worker showed us how to get swirls into the designs or to do some other cool stuff that blew my mind.

Somewhere in my house (I’m 99% sure) that bottle is still in my possession with the “art” that I made that day. I wasn’t overly proud of it, but it was still a cool work of art that I got to learn how to do.

But what I saw on Monday night on Twitter puts my art made as a 10 year old to shame — like serious shame. Think finger paint next to the Mona Lisa shame. Maybe not that bad, but enough.

As part of the lead up for the final Monday Night Football game of the season between the Dallas Cowboys and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Omaha Productionswhich oversees the “Manning Cast” of Peyton and Eli Manning, released a sand art video that blew my mind.

The artist, James Sun, of Falling In Sand, used fine sand and a sort of tool to manipulate it into a portrait of Peyton and Eli Manning. How this is done is beyond me, but I’ve watched it several times, and am amazed on every watch. It takes less than a minute (obviously as a time lapse), but it’s worth your watch, even if you don’t know who the Manning brothers are.

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