Chalk Art Showcases Natural Scenes and Disney Characters at the 2023 EPCOT International Festival of the Arts

One of the most fascinating elements of the 2023 EPCOT International Festival of the Arts is the chalk art displays, which change frequently.

The chalk art can be found on the bridge leading to World Showcase Plaza from World Celebration. Before the display, there is an area for kids to draw their own chalk art.

photo 2023 chalk art 4353
photo 2023 chalk art 8343

The chalk art display is just on the right side of the bridge.

photo 2023 chalk art 8345

To preserve the art for as long as possible before it fades away (or washes out, based on the weather), the art is cordoned off so that guests don’t step on it.

photo 2023 chalk art 8346

Typically, the walkway “gallery” has featured art of nature, homages to famous works, and of course, Disney characters.

photo 2023 chalk art 8347
photo 2023 chalk art 8348

It looks like EPCOT guests helped the artist with this “Alice in Wonderland” piece.

2023 photo chalk art 4354

Often, the artists can be seen creating the pieces, so it’s a great opportunity to see their process at work.

2023 photo chalk art 4355
2023 photo chalk art 4357
2023 photo chalk art 4356
2023 photo chalk art 4359

As has become a tradition at the festival, there’s a forced perspective piece of art that provides a great picture-taking opportunity. At the beginning of the festival, we saw the artist working on this “Raya and the Last Dragon” piece.

photo 2023 chalk art 8353

Here it is completed and ready for unique photos. The forced perspective piece and other chalk art may change throughout the festival, so if you want to see this artwork, go to EPCOT soon.

If all that artwork inspires your appetite, there are always Food Studios to feed a starving artist. Or if music is what your heart sings for, check out the Disney on Broadway Concert Series!

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