Bride Hides Iconic Paintings in Her Mehendi Instead of Groom’s Name

Weddings in India are nothing less than a festival with each ceremony holding massive importance to traditions that people have been following for centuries. One such tradition is brides hiding their grooms’ names in their Mehendi. However, breaking the stereotype, a modern bride added a meaningful dimension to her Mehendi ceremony by adding an artistic twist. Instead of adding her husband’s name, the bride, Anjali Tapadia chose a series of iconic paintings to hide in her Mehendi. She took to Instagram to share a reel video flaunting her Mehendi, thereby showcasing the real paintings of stellar artists and their illustrations on her hands.

The special Mehendi included Vincent Van Gogh’s iconic The Starry Night, The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai, Femme Au Collier Jaune by Pablo Picasso, and The Kiss by Gustav Klimt. While sharing the reel video, Anjali Tapadia shared that her husband Aakarsh Tandon identified all the special paintings accurately. She shared that her “Love is strong with this one”.

The bride explained how weddings can give one major anxiety. While the bride did her best to keep the ceremony under control, things went wrong and failed amidst the pressure of orchestrating a big fat wedding in front of guests. Anjali shared that she chose to include the paintings in her Mehendi as a healing mechanism to keep her calm at all times. While doing so, this twist also enabled her to add a customized touch of herself to the special ceremony, thereby making it more meaningful.

She elaborated, “Weddings can be anxiety-inducing. Especially if things aren’t in your control and are being orchestrated by the families. This is part of the many little things I did to calm myself down and add a touch of Anjali to each ceremony”. Take a look at the viral video below:

As soon as the reel surfaced online, it went viral in no time. With over 45k likes, her special touch has gained massive appreciation from netizens. While many supported her decision of adding a creative touch, others inquired about the Mehendi artist. Compliments like ‘beautiful’, ‘creative’, and a barrage of fire and heart emoticons flooded the comment section of her post.

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