35 Times People Spotted Such Useless And Overpriced Items, They Could Only Describe Them As ‘Stupid Stuff Rich People Buy’

For most of us, the 99 percenters, the lives of the rich are a complete and utter mystery. After all, these enviably wealthy individuals are worlds away from the lives we lead. They own multiple homes. They have garages full of fancy cars. Basically, they own the best of everything. While it’s already mind-boggling to imagine the scale of such wealth, the insanely super-rich take status symbols to a whole other level.

If you ever wondered what kind of ridiculous items they waste their fortunes on, then the ‘Stupid Stuff Rich People Buy’ Twitter account is the place to be. This relatively new social media project scours the web for the wildest, weirdest, and just plain dumb things (lots of) money can buy.

Below, we’ve wrapped up a collection of some of the most ludicrous items shared by the page. So sit back, buckle up, and get ready for a wild ride where guinea pig armors, diamond-encrusted toenail clippers, and $3,200,000 collars that make dogs look more glamorous than the rest of the population are only the beginning of the entertainment that follows. Keep reading to also find our interview with the creator of the account, Dane. Then be sure to upvote your favorite pictures, and let us know what you think about them in the comments!

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