Tiger Woods Denies Verbal Agreement With Ex-Girlfriend To Live At Home

Tiger Woods

There was no verbal agreement between me and my ex…

He Had No Right To Live In My House!!!

Tiger Wood‘s fired back at her ex-girlfriend, challenging her claim that she had a verbal agreement to let him live in her home and supported her for years … in what turned out to be a nasty $30 million lawsuit.

Tiger’s lawyers dispute this Erica Hermanclaimed in her lawsuit that Tiger promised to support her and let her live in his home for at least 5 more years (which she didn’t mention) in exchange for services — before he broke up with her a few months ago.

According to legal documents, Tiger’s attorneys (BTW the home is partially owned by a trust) said … “During their relationship, Mr. Woods invited Ms. Herman to live with him as a guest at the Residence. Mr. Woods never negotiated an oral lease with Ms. Herman. On the one hand, Mr. Woods and There was never a written lease agreement between either the Trust and Ms. Herman, on the other hand. Ownership interest or ownership interest in the Residence.”

Herman argued in his claim … Tiger’s people convinced him to pack his suitcase back — without Tiger — for a “short vacation” in the fall and drove him to the airport. Upon arrival at the airport, Herman said the locks on the house had been changed and he was outside.

Tiger’s lawyers claim the golfing legend didn’t just dump Erica out in the cold … rather, they say Tiger put her up at a luxury resort and gave her enough money for a new place to live.

Herman also challenges the NDA, which he says Tiger signed, arguing that it is unenforceable due to a federal law that voids NDAs if there are issues related to sexual assault or harassment. That is a separate legal action, and Tiger’s lawyers did not address it in his legal filing.

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