Thames Chatted For Her Oscars Dress That Obstructed The View Of The People Behind Her


You In The Dress … Down Front!!!

Big Oscar dress sunk

Thems At the Oscars, he was singled out for blocking the view of the people sitting behind him … and while the people there were polite, Twitter listened to him.

One of the Nigerian singer’s more eye-catching displays at the award show on Sunday for her musical work on ‘Wkanda Forever’ was…a large white dress that flowed up her shoulders. made her look like a human flower.

I am crying

tems that lady fought for her life

— alex medina (@mrmedina) March 13, 2023

The problem…when he sat down, his ‘fit was a huge distraction — both to the audience and to everyone in the rows behind him.

There were several moments during the broadcast where you could see people behind Thames looking over his shoulder to catch a glimpse of the stage or set. Kimmel. It was pretty funny…they obviously took issue with her outfit and had to look around to see the action. Apparently, no one told him anything.

Imagine waiting your whole life to be at the Oscars, and you end up sitting behind a layer cloud.

— Jarrett Bellini (@JarrettBellini) March 13, 2023

The same can’t be said for the bird app … ‘many users were quite angry that he was wearing something so big and would probably cause some blind spots in the theatre. A bunch called it “gross” … others thought it was hilarious. A mixed bag.

Thames himself hasn’t said anything about it… and probably doesn’t have to. Anger comes and goes and it will pass soon enough.

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