Odell Beckham, Jr. it appears that he is only being offered $4 million a year

As noted earlier in the day, any free agent available this far in the process has likely overshot his market. Among them is receiver Odell Beckham, Jr.

While he disputes the notion that he has indeed outperformed the market, he certainly thinks he has underperformed.

Beckham tweeted: “I’m so confused where the quote came from saying I want 20…

Multiple reports suggest he is seeking $20 million a year. Obviously, this isn’t something Beckham would tell teams directly; his agents will be those who request.

Maybe they’re looking for $20 million to get a team up to $15 million. However, nothing forces teams to go above $4 million.

Beckham worked out for interested teams eight days ago. He appeared with them. He’s been talking to teams ever since. And apparently he doesn’t like what he hears.

A $4 million offer definitely seems low, especially if it isn’t coupled with an incentive package that allows Beckham to earn more if he plays well. The big question remains whether he’ll sign a one-year deal, prove himself again and hope to make more than $4 million a year in 2024.

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