Colin Cowherd says MJ’s legacy is nothing without Jackson, Pippen

Colin Cowherd

MJ’s Legacy Without Phil and Pippen???

Absolute Mediocrity

Colin Cowherd There’s a new hot take on how sports Twitter isn’t reacting well to anything — and that means it Michael Jordan … it’s really not that big without some key pieces.

Broadcaster FS1 has jumped on its own podcast network, Volumeto talk about this week’s NBA GOAT … arguing that MJ’s legacy and success is largely due to two special friends who helped him achieve the status he enjoys — Phil Jackson and Scottie Pippen.

“Take out Scottie Pippen and Phil Jackson, this whole Michael Jordan mythology is kind of like that”

@ColinCowherd About MJ reality

— The Volume (@TheVolumeSports) March 17, 2023

It doesn’t sound like such a wild idea, but as CC says, it’s a bit more hard-nosed and cold-blooded in his typical matter-of-fact style. Here’s how he put it … “So he tried baseball. He failed. He tried possession, he was terrible. He tried the Wizards, he bombed.”

Adds Cowherd: “Everybody gets it, take out Scottie Pippen and Phil Jackson — this whole Michael Jordan mythology is kind of like that.” He says that MJ was always a bit of a selfish player and guy and was never great at building community.

Colin concludes by saying that Michael is really good at creating wealth for himself, noting that it’s good and that it’s a reality of who he is. The wider context His convo here is related to news that MJ will be selling his majority ownership stake in the Hornets.

As for how the internet has received this POV… not great. Users of the Bird app are kind of bumming it out memes and jokessuggested that Colin underestimated Mike’s personal greatness.

Take Cowherd’s Michael Jordan

— sockjig (@sockjig) March 18, 2023

We’re sure Colin will have more to say on this as always.

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