Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner left the Oscars after party in the same car

Bad Bunny, Kendall Jenner

Leave the Oscars after party together…

Meeting Continues

Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny are still going strong… making their now-confirmed romance one of Hollywood’s biggest nights and telegraphing them once again as a legal couple.

The supermodel and Latin pop star were on the list Jay-Z and BeyonceAfter the Oscars in Los Angeles on Sunday, and while it’s unclear if they were seen as a unit … they certainly left as one, getting into the same car at the end of the night.

Check it out for yourself … the new couple slipped into the same waiting town car. They still managed to avoid photographs trying to frame them in the same frame. They’re obviously still trying to keep him on the DL, but they’re failing more with each meeting night.

When they left, Kendall was covered up… BB looked a little more casual about it all. The fact is that we have already seen them together and everyone knows what happened.

Remember, we just saw Kendall and Bunny in group history Last week … they hit up a popular hot spot in West Hollywood. They were all caught on camera hugging each other as they parted ways.

Either way, it just further proves that these 2 are the real deal and are currently seeing each other…at least on a somewhat serious level.

Oh, and check out all the other celebs who were around during Bey and Jay’s breakout. We’d say it’s anyone’s guess — but honestly, the pie was split pretty evenly throughout the weekend. However, he had a talent… Bieber, RiRi, Tylerjust to name a few.

Stars everywhere you look…the Oscars this weekend, baby!

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