Angela Bassett praised for ‘realistic’ reaction after Jamie Lee Curtis wins best supporting actress Oscar

Angela Bassett was “scared” at the Oscars after Jamie Lee Curtis’ surprise win in the Best Supporting Actress category.

During the 2023 ceremony, Everything Everywhere At Once Actor Lee Curtis took home the award for best supporting actress, surprising the crowd as Bassett was accepted as the frontrunner.

In fact, he was the third favorite behind Curtis Bassett Banshees of Inisher star Carrie Condon won the Bafta for best supporting actress earlier this month.

Find it full list of winners hereand all live updates from the ceremony as it happens here.

While many are happy for Curtis, many feel sad for Bassett, who was in a similar position in 1992, given his long Hollywood career.

Bassett was nominated for Best Actress for her portrayal of Tina Turner in the biopic What does love have to do with it? In 1994, however, she was beaten by Jane Campion’s co-star Holly Hunter. Piano.

Fans of the actor are praising Bassett for the nomination Black Panther: Always Wakanda, following his reaction to the announcement. An emotional Bassett kept a blank look on his face as Curtis celebrated his victory, with many supporting his decision to “not look excited”.

“Angela Bassett’s reaction was real,” wrote one fan, adding: “This woman paid so much for all her Oscar movies to get robbed again?!?”

“Angela Bassett deserves it and everyone knows it,” wrote one fan, adding: “Don’t get me wrong, Jamie Lee Curtis has done a phenomenal job, but Angela’s Oscar is long overdue and it’s sad to see her face it. Her emotions were empty when she lost. She , amazing. He was SNUBBED.”

“Angela Bassett didn’t just do it to be snooty,” one person said, referring to Ariana DeBose’s viral Baftas rap, which included the line “Angela Bassett did it.”

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Angela Bassett praised after looking ‘sad’ at the Oscars


Following the announcement, actors Michael B Jordan and Jonathan Majors supported Bassett as he presented the award moments later.

The 2023 ceremony saw major victories Everything Everywhere At OnceIt won seven awards for Michelle Yeoh, including best film and best actress.

Host Jimmy Kimmel kicked off the event in Los Angeles with an opening monologue. Avatar director James Cameron slapped last year’s Will Smith and the film’s poor performance at the box office, which was hailed by audiences as a “low blow.” Babylon.

Meanwhile, Hugh Grant ruffled feathers with his “rude” answers during a “painful” red carpet interview before the ceremony began.

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