Stimulus Checks 2023: How many states are still sending checks?

The landscape of US benefits at both federal and state level were completely changed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, as millions of families were plunged into poverty or saw their earnings drop dramatically.

That led to the US government creating an array of stimulus packages for every state that could be distributed to the population to help keep people and businesses afloat.

Stimulus checks Update: How do payments vary between states?MATT CANNON

It is against many political principles in America to provide such wide-reaching welfare, but the pandemic represented a special case.

In many states, the stimulus has now run out, but in others that took longer to distribute the money there are still some that will be handed out in 2023. Here comes a look at all eight US states that are still giving out stimulus money in 2023.

2023 stimulus checks in California

The state of California thinks that about five percent of their inflation relief checks, worth up to 1,025 dollars, won’t be handed out until January 15. There are also rebate amounts starting at 350 dollars which are based on income, household size and tax -filing status.

2023 stimulus checks in Colorado

For those in Colorado who filed their 2021 taxes by the October 17 deadline, they may still be waiting for their rebate payment which should arrive before January 31 and is worth 750 dollars for singles and 1500 for joint filers.

2023 stimulus checks in Idaho

Idaho approved 2022 Special Session rebates that will be paid out by the end of March 2023. The amount of the rebate is the greater of 10 percent of a taxpayer’s 2020 income tax liability, 300 dollars for single filers or 600 dollars for joint filers.

2023 stimulus checks in New Jersey

Renters in New Jersey should get 450 dollars as long as they do not earn more than 150,000 dollars. Those payments should not arrive later than May 2023.

2023 stimulus checks in Pennsylvania

Payments were being sent to older Pennsylvania renters, homeowners and those with disabilities, but the filing deadline was December 31, so later filers will not be getting payments until into 2023. The maximum standard rebate is 650 dollars, but those who qualify for supplemental rebates , as calculated by the state, may receive as much as 975 dollars.

2023 stimulus checks in South Carolina

Much like Colorado, those who filed their taxes after the October 17 deadline, but before February 15, will receive their payments of up to 800 dollars in March 2023 in South Carolina.

2023 stimulus checks in New Mexico

Residents in New Mexico have got until May 2023 to file their 2021 income tax return and that is when they will qualify for a rebate, meaning it could be deep into 2023 before any money arrives for some New Mexico residents.

2023 stimulus checks in Illinois

There are two possible payments for Illinois residents in 2023 which are an income tax rebate and a property tax rebate. The income tax rebate is 50 to 100 dollars for joint filers but is being paid only to residents whose adjusted gross income in 2021 was less than 200,000 dollars (under 400,000 dollars for joint filers).


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