CalWORKS Eligibility 2023: How long does it take to get CalWORKS benefits?

The California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids, popularly known as CalWORKshelps families with children whose income and assets fall below the USA‘s maximum thresholds for their family size, with short-term financial aid and employment-focused programs.

CalWORKs, which is managed locally by county welfare organizations, provides services to all 58 counties in the state.

If a family needs food, utilities, clothing, shelter, or medical care but has little to no cash on hand, they may be eligible to receive immediate short-term relief.

Families that apply for ongoing aid and are accepted will receive funds each month to assist with the cost of rent, food, and other essentials.

How long does it take to get CalWORKs benefits?

CalWORKs applications must be approved or denied within 45 days of submissionand the county must set up an intake appointment within seven days of receiving your application.

However, depending on the county you reside in and the financial situation of your family, many applications are accepted more quickly.

You might be wondering what to do in case you need financial help immediately. Well, there are exceptions and you may qualify for receiving immediate financial assistance under special circumstances.

The county is required to grant you up to 200 dollars (usually within one to three working days) and process your CalWORKs application within 15 days if you have less than 100 dollars and are unable to cover basic expenses (including rent, food, utilities, clothing, and medical care).

If you are applying for CalWORKs, but have not yet received approval, and you require money for a special situation, CalWORKs may be able to provide you with a one-time diversion payment of up to 2,000 dollars so that you are exempt from enrolling in the program (your CalWORKs application will be withdrawn or turned down if you accept the diversion payment).

Diversion payments might be used for emergency housing, car repairs, relocating costs for a new job, tools or uniforms needed for a job, child care, or other necessities.

Is CalFresh part of CalWORKs?

If your family’s gross monthly income is under 150 dollars and you have less than 100 dollars in resources, or if your income and cash on hand combined are less than your monthly rent and utilities, you may be eligible for CalFresh (previously Food Stamps) within three days.


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