Letter: black market

By Wayne Jones

updated: 2 hours ago Published: 2 hours ago

As the extreme Supreme Court and anti-abortion foes continue to take away the rights of Americans, black markets will flourish.

Regardless of laws restricting abortion (or black markets), historical data has consistently shown abortion does not end, and in fact only increases as it becomes less and less safe. Red states where politics are out of control will incur the darkest of the black market; poverty will increase and people will die, especially in low-income communities and for people of color. Crime will flourish.

To be clear, the dark ugliness of it all will spill over into those states where the rights of all Americans are still upheld. America already has a very dark past, and it is horrifying to watch it rear its ugly head again in this day and age. The depth of ignorance and shortsightedness of the Court and abortion foes in this upside-down, inside-out GOP political world that now engulfs half of America is a new era of darkness. American third-world politics and its archaic laws are destroying our democracy. To what end, no one knows. Vote.

— Wayne Jones


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