Hangar 1 vodka is shutting down its tasting room in Alameda

Hangar 1, the reputable craft vodka distiller, is leaving its home in Alameda. The tasting room’s final day will be Dec. 18; the vodka will then be produced at a different facility in the Bay Area.

The brand is named for the space it has rented for the last two-plus decades. an old airplane hangar in the former Naval Air Station Alameda. Known as Spirits Alley, this area is home to numerous wine, beer and spirits companies including St. George Spirits, Faction Brewing, Building 43 Winery, Urban Legend Cellars and Dashe Cellars.

“This has been a difficult decision for the team, but unfortunately it is necessary to meet the changing needs of the business,” a spokesperson, Marissa Sturm, wrote in an email. “Hangar 1 Vodka will continue to be made at our partner distillery in the Bay Area, using the same production methods and ingredients.” She declined requests for a phone interview and did not answer further questions via email.

Many questions now remain about Hangar 1’s future, including whether it will re-brand after it leaves the space that is its namesake. Sturm did not say where the “partner distillery,” where production will now take place, is located.

Hangar 1 became known for its artisanal, highly aromatic vodkas.

Hangar 1 became known for its artisanal, highly aromatic vodkas.

Laura Morton/Special to The Chronicle

From its inception in 2001, Hangar 1 was a unique type of vodka producer. The company was launched by two highly respected distillers, Jörg Rupf of St. George and Ansley Coale of Germain-Robin brandy. Their idea was to bring the techniques they used to produce eau-de-vie — brandy distilled from fruit — to create a higher-quality, fruit-flavored vodka.

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