Where do the super rich live?

New York (USA) is the most popular place in the world for the super-rich to own a first or second home, according to a report by data firm Altrata.

According to Bloomberg, which supports the aforementioned report, there are 21,714 ultra-high net worth individuals in New York – the so-called UHNW, who have assets of at least $30 million (28.2 million euros) – who own a primary or secondary residence in the city. Much more than in London (15,907) and Hong Kong (15,175).

Los Angeles and Miami follow in the top five rankings, both in the US, with 13,194 and 10,831 millionaire homeowners respectively.

It should be noted that Monaco residents are the most likely to have very wealthy neighbors, as one in 39 UHNW individuals is a primary resident or has a second home in the city-state.

In the United States, the highest concentration of super-wealthy residents (one in 67) is found in Aspen, Colorado.

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